Needle in a Haystack. (..Lobster trap?)


The haystack in question is more figurative than physical,  snowball effect of events and lives and life journeys that seem to have culminated in  focus lost, very lost. We’ve had a tumultuous two years. As in all lives, losses,  gains,  immeasurable sadness and immeasurable joy. Detours and diversions that have derailed my creative flow..

It’s time to get back on the horse.  My blog , my Etsy site and any semblance of creative productivity have been thrown under the proverbial bus for months. The hiatus for knee surgery has stretched into 13 long months. I’m the diva of digression. Done! As I survey my surroundings its plain to see that a drastic domestic do-over is long overdue. Outside these four walls is so much inspiration!


I did scramble together some Christmas felt for Shelby Lendrum at P’lovers. Fantastically, this week I replenished her fuzz for Easter but I was also fortunate enough to return to The  Made in the Maritimes Artisan Boutique. It has been nearly two years since we found each other at their Sunnyside Mall location in Bedford, Today,  I’m grateful to be included in their line-up and so excited to see them in a second location at the Hydrostone marketplace on Young Street in Halifax.

In the near future, I hope to also include artwork in media other than wool. I am so grateful to these businesses and hope to be so productive as to provide a few pieces to others closer to home here on the beautiful Eastern shore. Lovely places like the” Old Anderson House”,  “The Old School Community Gathering Place”, and “Uprooted Market Café” in Musquodoboit Harbour. Further down the shore are “The Memory Lane Heritage Village” in Lake Charlotte and “The Norse Cove Café” and Supply in Tangier.


My world holds an ocean of possibilities…time to rise to the opportunities right here in my own back yard.

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