Catch up, catch all, catch me if you can.


My toothy friend,  “Agatha” the Anglerfish

It’s about to get busy again. It’s only March but in recent years its not a lion or a lamb that dashes in but a cheetah in a chase that turns March into May 31st before I can blink. Felt is still in the forefront here at Saltyhag’s cluttered and chaotic corner of the world. Felt in demand, and me felting to catch up to demand. P’lover’s has gone the way of the buffalo but there are still orders to be filled and venues that will take whatever I can produce. These little fuzzy critters have been a curious phenomenon to say the least. My current cuties include this otter family for Norse Cove Cafe  & Supply. Dear Agatha, above, just travelled to her new home in Edmonton.


The problem is that there are so many things I want to do. I miss my paints, my pencils, my pens and paper. The other problem ( well not a problem but a fact..) is that I’m 60!! That same speeding cheetah has carried me with it from 30 to creaking middle age in what seems like five minutes. So much has occurred in that blur of time. the passing of parents,  the birth of three lovely granddaughters to carry on the clan. In fact, our four children are starting to squeak because they see their own lives starting to race and blur as well. High adventure, new careers and relationships.

This week I will travel to see our daughter and her lovely family. When I return it’s nose to the grindstone. I have my felt to finish and begrudgingly, I poke away.  I will be dusting off my paints and I have some screen printing projects to share with you in blogspace. Promise to keep things more up to date It’s such a pleasure to share this wealth and these blessings. Until then,..Happy spring!


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