The Perennial Procrastinator.

Oh, it’s been far too long. Life is far too hectic. Mindfulness may be the current buzzword, but being present in the moment in this house means open to so many “moments” that regimen always takes a backseat. Moments when the people l love pop in and l drop everything to spend time with them. Forty years of nurture is a hard habit to break.

The second current buzzword is selfcare. ( Selfcare is where l procrastinate bigtime. )

It would seem that forty years of putting everyone else first is another hard habit to break.

My selfcare of choice has always been time to myself to create,.. Uninterrupted.

l am working very hard to take this time. After 8 years of needle felting l am back in my paints and brushes. Motivation was a verbal commitment to fill the small gallery in the public library from January to March. At the moment l am hard at it. 16 pieces ready so far and a few weeks to go to prepare, to frame and organize, to price ( UGH, I HATE THAT PART!! )

The game is afoot

3 thoughts on “The Perennial Procrastinator.

  1. Hi Janis, I love that you are painting again! I agree that pricing is the hardest thing to do. I still don’t know how to do it! Love, your cousin Lisa

  2. The pieces are up in the gallery now. Took me hours to get them up on the walls…so much fun tho…people popping in ( its a public library space) with questions and comments…l hope you can make it out. I will have a meet the crazy artist night in february.

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