Call to Muster.

Call to Muster

Each day, as it is winter and dusk is yet about 7am. on an overcast day, I wake up at dawn to a crow mustering the local crew. He is also reminding me to get cracking and reminding me to get out on the doorstep and feed them with whatever may be at hand.

Today I was grateful for the sleep shattering “caw”of at least 4 of them. Lots to do, as today was the day I “mustered” all of my drawings and paintings and installed a small exhibit of work in the gallery space of the Musquodoboit Harbour Library. So much fun. tho it took me nearly 5 hours to get it all on the walls.

I named the exhibit “The View From Here.” had to provide an artists statement which was as follows:

The View from Here is not simply the glory that greets me each day from my big front windows
but this world, this whole world in its minutia and magnificence. I am Jan Taylor Foley,
multimedia artist and lifelong resident of this Eastern Shore.
Here is within my heart and behind my eyes. The View is an enthusiastic pursuit, a ravenous
education that begs the task of capturing the imagery of that journey; years of raising the most
amazing family that has enriched my creativity. Being present to a lifetime of people and places
has filled my work with warmth, variety and love.
Being unconditionally “present” to the people in my circle has not always fostered presence in
my studio. I have moved through many artistic disciplines: pencil and paint, pen and ink,
handmade paper, papier mache, screen printing, community and private murals, theatrical sets
and props and, for the last 9 years, needle felting in wool.
This fall my mission has been to surround myself with my neglected supplies and finally
discover what I can do. Some of the included work is retrospective and belies the sheer joy of
getting started again. I hope you enjoy it!!

Yesterday l installed my current 25 pieces, taking time to chat with people who stopped to inquire. What fun!

I have the option to add pieces..or take away in the three months it hangs there. I accept this as a challenge to see if l can add a piece every week. I am so grateful for the chance to be immersed in this creativity again.

Out of Love for a Flame

2 thoughts on “Call to Muster.

  1. I love this piece, I am going to come by on a weekend and see the rest, You are inspiring me to get started again as I have so many things I want to do and supplies that are waiting to be used! , Good luck with your exhibit!

    • You must be eagerly anticipating retirement!! You’re so talented..l cannot wait to see you back into your art supplies.

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