Coastal Creative Art Challenge

Now that the gallery work is installed and the holiday hustle and bustle is also in the can for another year, it’s time for new beginnnings. Swantje, my lovely daughter-in-law, has invited the coast clanswomen to tackle a motivational challenge. We must complete an original art project each day until the end of January.

“Light” – Day#2

There are subjects for each day, as varied as trees to traditions to transportation. The subjects are often broad. One is prompted to think and to choose. I will likely go with the knee jerk response and hold myself to that challenge. ( It seems transportation will end up being Fred Flintstone’s stone aged car…and his feet.)

The first day required a blind contour drawing and trying to sketch without looking at the page is a challenge for sure. The results are fascinating in that you still have a true sense of the subject. Here are two examples, Nanny Jean’s rooster and a bisque camel:

Fantastic eh?

Yesterday we were asked to depict a local hotspot. My first thought was of popping in to the Dobbit Bakehouse for fresh coffee and cinnamon buns, and at least two loaves of warm fresh bread! A quick caricature of the entrance from Highway #7 and “Voila!”, Day 6 in the bag!

I look forward to the month ahead and perhaps post a few more projects as they come into being. Happy January everyone!

A sketchy-doodle tribute to Dobbit Bakehouse

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