Jumpstart to January

“A time to hit the snowbank running.” That has been January to date. Projects begun at the onset of these stormy, sleety, snowy, slippery three weeks are still ongoing.

What fun I have had. I haven’t been to the gallery as often as I might wish but every visit has been an encouragement! Tuesday I popped in to install four more pieces. There have notes of encouragement in the day book. and folks popping around to take a peek and to comment. The staff are so supportive and enthusiastic. Swantje, my brilliant daughter in law, earns all of the credit ( and would ask for none.) for coaxing me out of the day to day, for recommending me to the Library/Gallery staff and at times feeding my dependant, kitchen challenged old geezer so I can stay in the studio.

He is the last and hapless victim of my creative focus. If I am in my paints, the world around me ceases to exist. That’s why I left them lying fallow for so long. The family would’ve been naked and foraging for survival if I’d been painting when they were small. I neglect the fire, forget to eat,…or to cook. Poor Michael is the only one left in the near empty nest to suffer my inattention. but in every way possible he is behind the cause.

Matthew, who celebrates a birthday today, is my biggest fan. He is a very forceful, very vocal, very accommodating. Zeal to the point of the zillionth degree. And the others are heartily onboard , posting social media notes that proclaim their interest and pride in me finally getting at it and getting out there, at least until March. My kids are the best!..All four and their wonderful life-mates. I feel so supported.

The January challenge is still on. I continue to enjoy the exercise as the topics move from day to day. Because of time passed I am still reacquainting with many thing, I have used the “challenge” as practice time for quick watercolors. The Day 18 “Black and White “challenge is above. One of my favorites so far.

Just to wind up and clang the bell that tolls for the celebration that was January, here are a few more “challenge ” submissions as the month winds up. Hang in there folks, spring is only 60 days away!

3 thoughts on “Jumpstart to January

  1. These are beautiful Janice, I especially like the black and white cats. I know what you mean about painting, I myself need blocks of time, 4-6 hours to paint. I can’t wait to retire so I can do that again. Your wonderful family appreciates you and all you do!

    • It is a very new experience to be sure. A little terrifying at first but l have and oodles of very positive feedback . Thank you so much for taking the time to go and have a peek. I appreciate it very much.xo.

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