Swords to Ploughshares.

Is there another adage that fits? Something from nothing, One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The silk purse from the sow’s ear,..

l have an innate frugalness. Perhaps it comes of years and years of stretching available funds around four children and a household. It comes as well, in a one income household, of not wanting to spend the breadwinners’s very hard earned funds on oneself..at least not as freely as one might spend their own. I have always strove to utilize what is at hand.

A print of original work applied and sealed on a salvaged wood block.

As a frugal artistic person, at some point you’ll end up creating some form of recycled art. I’ve tried everything along the way. Recycling paper, wood, wire found objects, fabric and fibre. The sky’s the limit when you start to explore.

My little shop is full of found and repurposed things. Multi-sourced, multimedia, reduced reused and recycled are words to live by.

Samples of strip papier maché, hand made paper and the “Sun” is made from an egg carton mash.

Scrap wood canvases, flea market finds, papier maché from egg cartons and Tim Horton’s coffee trays. I’ve had workshops that arose from handmade paper from recycled papers and plants.

Paper, in a million different ways, is a fantastic sculpture medium. I’ve lost track of the many things. But in one summer, that of 2010, l created 150 tiny bird place markers for our daughters wedding, 15 coral centre pieces, a sizeable pink paisley octopus and a 17 foot shark for my son’s graduation from the Canadian Coast Guard and a seagull for the Halifax hosted National Synod of the Anglican Church in Canada. When l feel daunted l remind myself of that summer.

I have painted boards and bottles and cans. Salvaged fixtures or made my own. My attempts at carpentry have produced less than perfect scrap wood shelves and signs and lobster trap frames.

I have felted seagulls, crows and myriad other little birds and baubles suspending them as mobiles from driftwood. Limitless possibilities.

The sheer will of keeping potential art out of a landfill makes me ecstatic. I will be open on June 10th for visitors with what treasures are ready at that time and will keep building my inventory weekly. sure hope you see in all of these things all of the fun and whimsy that l do.

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