Up and Running

Doors are open. Coffee is on and some form of complimentary tasty thing is always on hand. The first week has been so much fun so far. The little wood stove is cozy. I light it every morning to take the chill off. You see, it’s an older building and sometimes feels damp after a rain. So l fill up the coffee pot and head out as soon and the old fella has had breakfast.

Our property is full of shrubs, daylilies and perennials. Most of which need weeding and dividing and sharing. My goal this week is to add to the potted transplants l have gathered to share. So far l have Feverfew, Hardy Geraniums, Johnny Jump-ups, Musk-Mallow, Rudbeckia and Mountain Bluet. ( Lol, 50¢ a pot..any size any variety.) There are hundreds of different delights in this yard. I will try to gather a list ASAP.

I was delighted to see the folks that turned up on Friday and Saturday! It was remarkable. On the latter date, folks turned up and stayed for hours.

I have been adding to the inventory and will continue to add something new every week. I will keep updating so kind folks who care to know, will see what’s on hand.

Sure hope you too will pop by. Just to chat, enjoy the peace and slow the pace.

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